Saturday, December 03, 2005

The First Post

Welcome! Three days ago I decided to become an Early Riser by waking-up every day at 5 AM whether I need to or not. Now I have 1.5 hours per day (3 hours during the weekend) when I have no obligations (family, work, etc.) and I think a blog may be the best way to keep me occupied. My intent is to share my various rantings on topics that interest me...
  • Personal Finance
  • Politics
  • uhh... I guess that's it... I'm pretty shallow

So, I hope you enjoy the blog. (interesting... I just ran the spell-checker on the Blogger site and the word 'blog' is listed as an unknown word)


At 12:54 PM, Anonymous PENNY STOCK INVESTMENTS said...

Great firsst post.


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