Monday, December 05, 2005

Early Rising - Day 5

Five days ago I began waking-up at 5AM based on a series of posts at Steve Pavlina's blog. I started my early rising experiment after I had an especially hectic evening at home (cooking dinner, convincing my 5-year-old daughter to practice her violin, giving a bath to my 1.5 year-old-son, etc) that followed an especially hectic day at work.

Steve has moved past simply rising early, he's now on a polyphasic sleep schedule. Now that he only sleeps 3 hours in every 24 hour cycle day, he reports that he has basically 'created time' that he never had access to in the past. This was my sole motivation for becoming an early riser.

My first three days (Wed - Fri of last week) were relatively easy... waking-up at 5 AM was still a novelty. Saturday was hard - my brain knew I was waking 3 hours earlier than normal. Still, I got up and decided to create this blog.

Yesterday (Sunday) I was so tired at 5 AM that I reset my alarm for 6AM. It felt good to go back to sleep, but I was disappointed with my weak internal discipline. This morning, I naturally woke at 4:55 and almost bounced out of bed. We'll see if this continues, but I'm pretty excited that my body may be liking a consistent, early waking time.


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