Friday, December 23, 2005

Iraqi Group Demands Withdrawal of Western Moonbats

From the People's Cube...

"Enough is enough," a masked group leader said to the camera in good English with a soft Iraqi accent. "We have given these clowns a lot of credit in the past. Their premise that we can't govern ourselves without a fascist dictator was insulting to our intelligence, but we forgave them, believing that they were well-intentioned, albeit misguided nutjobs. Their slights were offensive but we thought they had been misinformed about what life had been like under Saddam Hussein. We pitied them because we knew they had been mentally abused by communist professors in college. But how many more innocent Iraqis must die at the hands of Zarqawi and his foreign goons before the spoiled buffoons in the West realize that supporting terrorists and opposing democratic forces is not only diabolically immoral, but also atrociously criminal!"

Read the whole thing...


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