Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Europe's Ailing Social Model: Facts & Fairy-Tales

Great article on the result (guess what... it's negative) of socialist-leaning economic models. The article does a great job explaining how Ireland's move to lower-flatter tax policy has driven explosive growth.

Europe's Ailing Social Model: Facts & Fairy-Tales The Brussels Journal
"Europe's well-intentioned model is not working because it does not pay to work after the taxman has taken his share. Europe is not innovating because it does not pay to innovate after the huge costs of complying with all the prescriptions, limitations and restrictions in all Europe's overabundant licences and autorisations. Demoralization is the real cause of Europe's stagnation. Europe's workforce is tired of being incessantly hindered in its task of producing wealth. Demoralization is the reason why ever more engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs flee Europe's tax misery. Paradoxically, the Old Europe of the West must now learn from the New Europe of the East, where after years of disastrous socialism, low and simple flat taxes are being introduced, luring investors from all over the world."


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