Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eric Cantor & Pork

I was disgusted to see that the Republican Leadership failed to appoint anti-pork Rep. Jeff Flake to the open seat on the Appropriations Committee. Here's my letter to my Rep., Eric Cantor:

I was very disheartened to learn that the Republican leadership in the House chose Jo Bonner over Jeff Flake for the open seat on the Appropriations Committee. Rep. Bonner has a very low rating on the Club For Growth's RePork Card (2% rating!) and I believe the Party missed an ideal chance to prove it's commitment to eliminating wasteful spending by nominating Rep. Flake.

The Party's lack of leadership on this issue has been nothing short of embarrassing and I expected more of you as my Representative. You'll have my vote, but you have failed to capture trust & respect.


(my real name)


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At 4:15 PM, Blogger Jim Moylan said...

Nice take on canter.

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