Friday, April 07, 2006

ER Portfolio Allocation - March 2006

Here's my latest portfolio allocation...

Not too much to report... except my cash position is a bit too big. I've been considering adding to my commodities position with some gold or silver but the recent & dramatic increases in their prices have spooked me a bit.

My foreign equity position needs some help. I'm not only underweight, but my positions are not very diversified...

  • DryShips (DRYS) - A Prudent Speculator pick that yields over 7%... pretty nice and I don't plan on making a change here.
  • iShares Singapore Index Fund (EWS) - I bought this before I really committed to my asset allocation. It's done pretty well... it's up 23% in 15 months and it pays a 3.2% yield. No need to sell this one either.

I think I'll buy an overall Developed Equity Index fund... either EFA or EFV. Index Investor thinks that the UK is undervalued... maybe a UK play like EWU would be in order. I'll let you know what I do.


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