Friday, May 05, 2006

Why Isn't Socialism Dead?

Great article on Socialism... read the whole thing.

TCS Daily - Why Isn't Socialism Dead?: "Thus, in the coming century, those who are advocates of capitalism may well find themselves confronted with 'a myth gap.' Those who, like Chavez, Morales, and Castro, are preaching the old time religion of socialism may well be able to tap into something deeper and more primordial than mere reason and argument, while those who advocate the more rational path of capitalism may find that they have few listeners among those they most need to reach -- namely, the People. Worse, in a populist democracy, the People have historically demonstrated a knack of picking as their leaders those know the best and most efficient way to by-pass their reason -- demagogues who can reach deep down to their primordial and, alas, often utterly irrational instincts. This, after all, has been the genius of every great populist leader of the past, as it is proving to be the genius of those populist leaders who are now springing up around the world, from Bolivia to Iran.
This is why socialism isn't dead, and why in our own century it may well spring back into life with a force and vigor shocking to those who have, with good reason, declared socialism to be no longer viable. It is also why Georges Sorel is perhaps even more relevant today than he was a hundred years ago. He knew that it was hopeless to guide men by reason and argument alone. Men need myths -- and until capitalism can come up with a transformative myth of its own, it may well be that many men will prefer to find their myths in the same place they found them in the first part of the twentieth century -- the myth of revolutionary socialism. "


At 7:31 PM, Anonymous DebtBlog said...

The problem so many have with capitalism, and why it is so easy to get the poor unfortunates to follow the demogogues, is that capitalism does little to reward those of lesser ability, perseverence and vision. As much of the world's population is made up of such individuals, it will always be easy to pander to those that feel they have been given the "raw deal". Although the capitalist system has proven itself adept at rewarding those who create, innovate and develop, many of those who cannot, or will not do so will feel that the system is unfair.


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